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ViperPharm Brand Powered by Vipernake®️ GmbH, is a company dedicated to natural cosmetics, providing solutions in the service of health care and beauty.

Our philosophy is to satisfy aesthetic needs through innovation and quality, experience in the online industry and the global distribution of its products and offering services to others.

We ensure to meet all requirements and guarantees needed to provide our customers with security and confidence.

Perfumes with pheromones
Perfumes with pheromones

Explore Premium Perfumes with Pheromones for Men and Women

In a world where first impressions are everything, ViperPharm takes pride in crafting an exclusive collection of premium pheromone perfumes designed for both men and women. Our meticulously formulated scents go beyond traditional fragrances, blending art with science to enhance your natural allure and captivate those around you.

At ViperPharm, we understand the subtle yet profound impact a signature scent can have on personal confidence and interpersonal connections. That’s why our pheromone perfumes are developed using only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring a lasting fragrance that evolves with your body chemistry throughout the day. Each scent is a unique concoction meant to elevate your presence, whether in the boardroom or at a social gathering.