Sex Education

Be the first to know. Here is a quick libido enhancing guide for you to explore when considering how to up your sex drive. From pheromones to aphrodisiacs, some people find these methods help give them the boost they need to get into the mood for sex. Libido enhancing may be a bit of trail as some may work more for others, but it can still be a fun way to change-up your sex life regardless. This is the reason we have a wide range of pheromones to help your auto -esteem and to drive you to the love paradise.


Pheromones can affect how attracted we are sexually to another person, with each individual producing a different level of pheromones that trigger other people’s libido differently. These chemicals are often confused with smells, although our brains don’t process them in the same way it does with smells, and rather pheromones directly affect hormone levels by stimulating hormone related glands within the body.

This can alter our sexual arousal and effect our libido. Pheromones can be released in our sweet and is one of the reasons why we may be more attracted to someone after they have done a work-out. This is one reason why some people find exercise can lead to an instant increase in sex drive read more all our pheromones.

Sex Education

Pheromones increases attractiveness and radiates passion as you influence those around you. The opposite sex sees you as an attractive, confident, and sexual person. You yourself become more sociable, ambitious, and flirtatious. Pretty simple: you smell like a confident, sexual and irresistible person.

Essential oils can also act similar to pheromones with some even increasing our awareness to pheromones already around us. and increase the production of libido enhancing sex hormones. This is why many sex massage candles and oils are enhanced with essential oils Some of these essential oils also work as aphrodisiacs too.

Aphrodisiac food may be the answer.

Eating foods rich in this amino acid, can help people experience better erections and it can make it easier for some to orgasm. When we increase our ability to experience physical arousal it can help increase our libido.

Foods that help promote blood flow to the genitals are known as aphrodisiacs and eating these before sex can help put you in the mood more also sexual drive supplements may be good option to boost your sexual appetite.

Mental relaxation can also help to increase libido, because when you think less you can have time to think about your partner and can also think about sex.

Other properties in many aphrodisiacs that can benefit peoples sex drives are immune boosting vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and zinc, where these can help boost people’s energy and ability to have sex.

Popular aphrodisiac foods are citrus fruits, nuts, watermelon, chili peppers, figs, and oysters.

Whilst there are many of sex drive enhancing foods out there, it’s not just about the right food needed when it comes to libido, but the right amount of food and fluids can be important too. If the body doesn’t have enough fuel and fluid, it’s natural for people’s libido to vanish as they don’t have the energy to enjoy sex. Remembering to stay hydrated and energized is essential for a satisfying sex life.

Arousal gels and lubricants help encourage clitoral erection and blood flow to the genitals as they encourage nitrite oxide to be released. The use of arousal serums can help those struggling getting in the mood for sex by helping with the physical side. One theory behind sex is that we need physical stimulation to help trigger mental stimulation and libido, and for some this method works really well in helping them get in the mood for sex. This is known as responsive sex drive and arousal serums can be great to help encourage responsive sex drives to kick in. Remember that eye contact is very important when having sex or about to have sex.

it’s true that using vibrators can help increase your libido too, this is because vibrations to erogenous zones can help increase blood flow and the release of nitrite oxide which can lead to better erections and orgasm. When it’s easier to orgasm, it can make sexual pleasure feel achievable and something we want to experience more often. More orgasms can also reduce stress whilst also increasing genital blood flow and cardiovascular health, which in turn makes it easier to experience sexual pleasure whilst also increasing energy and our ability to orgasm more often.

Always remember to enjoy your sex life. This is what will keep your relationship alive.